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We provide top quality guitar lessons and bass lessons for musicians of all skill levels. Guitar and bass instruction at Dave's Guitar School is highly customized to meet the goals of the individual student. Play the music that you want to learn! Choose from... Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Metal, Country, Bluegrass and more. We are located in Lake Wylie, SC, within easy driving distance of Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont, Cramerton, Mount Holly, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Clover, and York.

~ Can Dave’s Guitar School help you?

● Are you a beginning guitar or bass player who is looking to start off on the right foot without developing bad habits?

● Are you a parent who is looking for an instructor for your child and want someone that you can trust to be a good teacher as well as a positive role model?

● Are you an intermediate or advanced player who has struggled to get to the next level and now you are looking for a teacher who can guide you and help you to achieve your musical goals?

● Are you desperately in need of highly effective practice strategies that will help you to unlock your true musical potential and experience rapid improvement in your guitar or bass playing skills?

● Are you fed up with taking guitar lessons from teachers who are ineffective communicators or sound like maybe they could use some guitar lessons?

● Are you tired of taking lessons from an instructor who uses a cookie cutter approach to teaching and has not listened to you and what your unique and specific musical goals are?

**If you answered yes to any of the above questions then click here for more information**

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